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Why Elite Chat?

Elite Chat was founded as a one stop solution for business owners seeking to generate more leads on their website or applications.

Everything your business needs for live chat lead generation

Elite Chat was founded as a one stop solution for online communication and lead generation. Our entire team (Including our support agents) are real people who are dedicated to ensuring our customers generate more leads while saving them time. Whether your team is seeking a support agent, software to communicate directly with your customers or would rather utilize an intelligently designed automated AI bot, Elite Chat has the right solution for you.

Lead qualification that makes sense

All of Elite Chat’s services are built under the formula of qualifying leads accurately and accordingly. This means that each lead before it is considered a charge is compiled of at least a phone number, email address and contact name. If any of these three fields are missing from a chat, you will not be charged. 

Real people, real results

Yes! Elite Chat’s support agent service utilizes only real humans to talk to the visitors of your website or application. All of our agents are fluent in English and are trained to be engaging and answer any and all questions directly. Rest easy knowing that Elite Chat’s support agent service isn’t bland and boring, our agents seek to engage with your customers in a direct yet friendly manner in order to qualify them into a lead for your business. For businesses looking for the most optimized lead generation option, our support agent service is unequivocally your best option by far.

The lead qualification process explained

Each time a visitor enters into the live chat, a support agent will instantly greet them with a welcoming message that provides brief details about your business. In most cases, the visitor will request more details about the business such as “I was interested in learning more about the following service, what does it include?” The support agent will then answer the question promptly while requesting further details from the visitor without being pushy and turning away the customer. In order for leads to be billed by our system, they must include a first name, phone number and email address. At this point, the lead will be emailed directly to your email address in which it will be attached to an invoice that will be billed from your attached payment method every seven days. 

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